Dsc 60 If you got the balls …throw them !

 One can throw about anything for training purposes , it needs a bit of resourcefulness and adaptation. But diverses implements can produce diverses effects depending their weight , their size , their form , the grip needed etc… Depending also their cost , their solidity and if they can be thrown indoor . It is also important to know when and how to use them and eventually combine them with the competition implement.

Among these training implements , the handle balls , using hammer balls with just a shackle and a hammer handle , are perhaps the most popular . They are handy , they can cover a large range of different weights , they don’t distort the throwing technique or speed and rather improve the ”feeling” of the implement pulling away from the thrower (And not the thrower pulling on it). They are easy to self made out of old shots or hammer balls . Of course they are dangerous and need to be thrown from a cage .

In this chapter we shall collect different informations about the use of these handle balls with technical observations of good throwers and advices on the use of the most common implements the coaches are also using (Sand bags – Metal bars – Shots – Clubs – Tyres – Handle medicine balls – Kettle bells – Dumbbells etc…)

Available documents -1-PDF 20 pages : Throwing handle ball technical comparison Elite and national level throwers -2- Handle ball throwing with Elite national level throwers comparative simultaneous video – 3-Original video side Connor BELL -4 Original video behind Connor BELL – 5-Original video side Etienne ROUSSEAU -6-Original video behind Etienne ROUSSEAU – 7-Original video standing throw Fernanda TIRADO

Still to come : 8-Pro and Con about the different training implements used by discus throwers

Handle ball Connor BELL Etienne ROUSSEAU technical comparison
Handle balls throws Connor BELL Etiernne ROUSSEAU Comparison
Handle balls BELL from side
handle balls ROUSSEAU from behind
Handle ball standing throw - TIRADO