One can thank the guy who shot and published this video of the Mykolas ALEKNA’s world record to share a great document of a great moment. With the modern technology there are now a lot of more or less good videos made by spectators or amateurs which can satisfy a larger public . At best they are sometimes accompanied by some ”technical comments” which are often incomprehensible because the technical language between different coaches and different countries is not the same. Out of the fact that oral comments tend usually to be excessive and invasive and one gets easily lost trying to follow more or less complexe explanations which quickly become rather boring. .

A document , a video , a picture must TALK BY THEMSELVES without the need of added blah blah . This is what we have always tried to do about the documents that we are publishing in this site without any oral comments. This is much clearer and efficient out of the fact that , if you have not understood something , one can always stop the picture as long as needed …when you cannot stop the talking !

These new documents about Mykolas , are , to our opinion , exceptional , because perfectly explicit . You will not find the same anywhere else . In fact , they are intended to be used in all coaches development courses (Thank you for getting a membership before using them at your will) when also designed to be some sort of referential documents for all levels coaches and athletes.

Available documents : 1-PDF 16 pages Technical analysis from side  – Commented phase by phase photo sequences  – Full kinogramme  – The 6 (Very) strong points of ALEKNA’s Technique  – 2-PDF 6 pages Techical analysis partial for visitors s   3- Original video Facebook   4-(Pending) video analysis

ALEKNA 74.35m technical analysis side view