Dsc 12 Connor BELL multiple NZL U20 records 60.09m – 63.90m – 67.40m

We have collected here all the documents concerning these different records achieved by Connor BELL with the 1.75kg discus in 2019-2020 :

27 July 2019 Auckland 60.09m : Another step in the Connor BELL discus story with this 60,09m throw (In fact his 2nd 60m throw as he had previously recorded a 60,05m performance in march 2019 . Then after it went to 63,90m in November . His best performance as a 1st year junior. This document is a video analysis of excellent quality without interference of the cage net . It provides the normal speed throw , a 50% slow motion and a slow motion with frozen pictures at the key positions. Connor BELL’s technique been certainly among the very best , it is worth watching and watching again.

17 Nov 2019 Hamilton : 62.22m and 63,90m after having been the world youth leader in 2018 with a throw of  69,67m with the 1,5kg , the NZL discus super talent Connor BELL celebrated his 1st year in the junior U20 age group by becoming also the best thrower of the year in this age group. On 17 November 2019 in Hamilton , he broke twice his NZL U20 record with successively 62,22m and 63,90m. We have been lucky to witness these throws .The documents available are : 1-A video Analysis of the 2 throws , one from the right side , the other from the left . The picture quality is very good in spite compressed out a HD video taken just from close to the cage. 2-A 8 pages PDF with a detailed photo sequence and technical comments These unique documents show the different phases of the throw and attitude of the thrower at the key positions Connor BELL technique is certainly absolutely remarkable , even compared to the very best senior throwers in the world. . A ”must watch” for all discus throwers and coaches !  Now we can start to bet on how far Connor will throw in 2020 , if he keeps improving his explosive strength  and maintain his technical ability. There is already words of training throws over 65-66m …and still one year to go !

07 March 2020 Christchurch 65.41m-65.92m-66.01m and 67.40m Christchurch Certainly the best performance of the championships , even if there was the shot put with Tom WALSH , Jacko GILL , Dame Valerie ADAMS and co . By smashing 5 throws over his previous junior NZ record (63,90m) , and in the process improving the world best yearly mark and achieving a final performance which get him among the 6 all time best juniors in the world, Connor nearly achieved the perfect competition that we were expecting as soon as the wind will come into the game. And wind there was , maybe a bit too much and finally Connor only succeeded to catch it properly in his 6th attempt when the other throws were lifted up and stalled early…still over 65m ! Several documents are on the making , starting with the present video of the 4 record throws with some slow motions (Connor serie was 65,41m-65,92m-64,89m-62,86m-66,01m-67,40m) . Then we shall make some more precise analysis . So …to be continued .

BELL 62.22m and 63.90m Technical analysis
BELL 62.22m and 63.90m Video analysis