Dsc 15 standing throw Karmen MARITZ vs Etienne ROUSSEAU

Young throwers pick easily faults because they are convinced that they have to throw as hard as possible with their arm or turn as fast as possible in the circle . Of course this works well enough to get some good results compared to other , less talented, throwers. Then , eventually they are asked to start conditioning with the heavy bars and they believe that strength is the key to further progresses. Unfortunately , it does not work like that , at least until a certain level of performance and then it is too late to change anything. Therefore the importance of throwing well before throwing hard , even if it is not so spectacular at the beginning and takes more time. In this document it is easy to see that on a simple ”standing throw” one is using mostly his arm and upper body and the other is trying to go for range of motion and full involvement of her whole body. As everyone should never forget that the more forces you can create and use , the better thrower you are or you will be. The document show the comparison between the 2 throwers doing a simple standing throw imitation with a towel . A great drill to repeat hundreds of time in combination with throws with the real implement. Documents available : -1-Tech lev1 PDF 4 pages 2-(pending) Vid1 comparative video