Dsc 21 Valarie ALLMAN 70.15m Documents

On 1st august Valarie Allman became the first American female thrower to break the symbolic 70m line . The following documents will show you that this was not a ”lucky throw” wind assisted performance as it does often happen in the discus throw. It was just great discus throwing ! Valarie ALLMAN is tall and obviously not ”too” strong and looks to be a great athlete whose morphology is perfectly fitted to the discus throw. (She is also a good hammer thrower !) But this is certainly not sufficient to achieve such great performances and especially a 70m throw which has become a rarity on the world scene . ….The main reason of her achievement is that she has an exceptionally great technique making the best use of her qualities and transferring perfectly the forces she creates into the implement… and IT COULD WELL JUST BE THE BEST DISCUS TECHNIQUE WE HAVE SEEN SINCE QUITE A WHILE !!! Available documents : 1-Tech4 PDF 11 pages technical analysis using 2 videos from different angles – 2- Vid1 Video analysis from front -3-Vid2 Video analysis from behind and side by coach Zebulon SION (courtesy)

Valarie ALLMAN 70.15m technical analysis