Dsc 28 DISCUS Documents BERLIN World champs 2009

A near full video report of these world championships including Warm up , qualification rounds and finals Men and Women . Our video from the warm up area with Virgilius Alekna has been posted since a long time on U Tube with 38 000 views so far. Available Documents : 1-Vid 1 Qualifications Men with KANTER 66,73m , PESTANO 65,03m HARRADINE 61,74m, SHARER, PISCHALNIKOV 62,93m , HARTING R 66,81m, VILI 60,68m, TAMMERT 62,24m, -SEMENOV , BALLIENGO WALTZ 60,27m ,KOVAGO , KRUGER 62,29m,DHEEB , CADEE , ROME 60,92m, MALACHOVSKI 64,48m,OLGUNDENITZ, MAYER 62,53m,ALEKNA 65,04m,SEDYUK MUNCH 60,55m, ISRAEL , HRYSHYN , CASANAS 61,10m , -2-Vid2 Qualifications women with -3-Vid 3 Final men with HARTING – MALACHOVSKI- – 4-Vid 4 Final women with -5-VID 5 The SPECIAL WARM UP SESSION OF VIRGILIUS ALEKNA

Berlin 2009 discus Men final
berlin 2009 discus Women final