Dsc 29 Comparison 3 young throwers NOOM – MARITZ – MULITALO

Young throwers are all different . Not only in their morphology , but also in their mental approach of the throw. Most of them (if not all) are focusing on their arm and try to throw as hard as possible . Some of them (if not all) are unable to control their balance in a rotational motion and (even worse) unable to stop turning and transfer into the implement the forces they have created. The 3 girls in our study have approximately the same performance level but they have different approaches and internal image of the throw . The youngest (12y) Karmen , is all about leading the throw with her upper body , pulling with the left shoulder and the head . Suluama (18y) is also leading with the upper body but over turning in the idea to ”turn fast” and she has a little range of motion across the circle. The 3rd one , Centaine , a hammer thrower , has only recently focused a bit more on the discus as ”second chance” event and she certainly shows some potential if it was not for a very frustrating ”scooping” fault in her delivery. The race is now on between these 3 girls for which one will be the first to break 45m and we can start betting !!! Available documents : 1-Tech 1 PDF 6 pages comparative photo sequences -2-Vid1 : Karmen Elizabeth MARITZ Video analysis -3-Vid2 : Suluama VAEAU MULITALO video analysis -4-Vid3 Centaine NOOM DUCKWORTH Video analysis

MARITZ NOOM MULITALO Technical comparison
Karmen MARITZ Video analysis
Centaine NOOM DUCKWORTH Video analysis
Suluama VAEAU MULITALO Video analysis