Dsc 32 ”PRESS and GO” Building SPEED in the discus throw

HOW TO DEVELOP YOUR SPEED IN THE DISCUS THROW ? This is a question that every coach and every athlete has been facing at some moment. And there is speed and speed ! As we know : the speed of the thrower’s body will not necessarily mean speed into the implement. The rules of building speed during a throw are simple : 1-NEVER SLOW DOWN ! -2-START SLOW AND FINISH FAST -3-ADD THE SPEEDS TOGETHER by producing the right accelerations at the right times . If we understand that in the discus , you ”throw your arm” and this arm is carrying a discus, which is going to escape in the process because the arm is attached to the thrower and cannot go, we will understand as well that the successive accelerations during the throw will be produced by other parts of the body and especially the LEGS . We can now sort out the successive accelerations in the successive phases : 1-In the entry speed are generated by the shifting and pressing of the body weight on to the left knee and the more or less active opening of the left arm -2-In the building momentum phase , speed is produced by the active extension of the left leg and the swinging of the right leg and by the ”catching” of the right leg to land the right foot-3-in the Power position speed is build during the right foot pivot and left foot landing -4-In the delivery , the arm striking speed will be produced by the release of the tension in the thrower’s body plus slamming action of the arm and fingers eventually speed can be produced by the left arm opening. If one want to increase his throwing speed , he may work on any of this phases separately BUT , following rule number 1 , if he accelerates any part of the throw , he must be able to manage the following phases at higher speed as well. It is the speed ”cascade” effect ! Therefore it may be smarter to start from the beginning and work on one phase after the other and then connect them 2 by 2 etc… until the full throw is possible. This is what we are trying to do in the following documents with exercises and combinations of exercises to develop the speed in the different phases . Available documents : 1- Tech 4 PDF 12 pages How to develop your speed in the discus throw – Analysis and advises 2-Vid 1 exercises for the ”PRESS and GO” -3- Vid 2 exercises for the ”PRESS and THROW” -4- Vid 3 Press and throw : More exercises to develop SPEED

Press and go how to improve your speed
Press and throw Exercises 2
Press and throw Exercises 2a
Press and throw Exercises 1