Dsc 33 Key phases of the discus technique with Connor BELL

The NZL discus thrower Connor BELL will probably be the youngest competitor at the next Tokyo Olympics . Born 21 june 2001 , he will just have passed his 20th birthday. Of course his PB at 64,29m looks modest compared to those of the big names of the event who are between 68m et 71m . But Connor has thrown over 66m in training and that could be sufficient to make it to the top 12 final in the best of the cases. Anyways , whatever happens will be a great experience for the future of this thrower who is without any doubt the best young thrower in the world since he was only 17 and since then consistently threw better and better …and further and further. The specificity of Connor is certainly his technique . It can be seen in this document where his management of the key phases of the throw is faultless. Another specificity of this young thrower is also the quality of his conditioning preparation definitively oriented toward SPEED production than MAXIMAL STRENGTH and heavy weights escalation. Something that I have always been advocating for the preparation philosophy of modern throwers. Be strong to be fast : YES …Be strong to be strong NO ! Available documents : 1-Vid 1 Video analysis of a training throw with evidence of the keys positions and postures : Entry – Press and go – Right leg swing – Right foot/ left foot landing – Building tensions – Delivery -2- Vid2 Phases analysis of a training throw

Ky phases of the discus throw