Sht 02 Maddison WESCHE 2020 18.32m technical analysis

New Zealand female shot putter , Maddison WESCHE is the U20 juniors World title holder since 2018 (17,09m). She has improved her PB to 18,32m in 2019 to become the 2nd best ever NZL thrower behind Dame Valerie ADAMS. and also participate at age 20 in her 1st World senior in 2019 where she could not pass the qualifications. Her technique is really good . Even if she does not have the same coach , there are some similarities with Tom WALSH , especially concerning the way she use her right leg to build momentum and speed. She is even better than Tom when she succeed to keep her left side and arm closed and blocking a little longer in the delivery. Of course everybody is expecting her to do further progresses toward the 19m and why not be the successor of Valerie . Still a long way to go , but why not ! Documents available : 1-PDF 7 pages Photo sequence analysis 2 throws (17,63m -18,32m PB) 2-Vd1 Video Analysis throw 17,63m from behind with slow motion , freeze framing at key points – 3-Vid2 Video Analysis throw 18,32m from side slow motion , freeze framing.

Maddison WESCHE 18.32m 17.63m tech analysis
Maddison WESCHE 17.63m video analysis from behind
Maddison WESCHE 18.32m Video analysis side