Sht 69 THROWING THE SHOT with grace ! with Grace TENNANT (Canada)

This chapter is watermarked dedicated to those who still have the tendency to confuse a world shot put championship with a world beauty contest . And who make fun about the appearance of some female throwers without wanting to understand that the ridiculousness and extravagance are not necessary where they think it is. In fact , without mentioning the fact to consider women as articles of consumption , to march on stage with bikinis and high heels is basically absurd !  Who has ever seen people walking on the beach with high heels ? Of course nobody , that would be too funny , and certainly more than throwing away a 4kg steel ball , trying to be the best considering the distances and not the chest or ass mensurations !  Sport gives a chance to everybody to express themselves ad be recognised and admired for what you really are , not for your appearance after arguable cultural criteria . This being said , one should not also systematise by saying , for exemple , that the throwing events are not feminine and only reserved for strong women . Another mistake ! It is more and more evidence that the modern training does not only improve the performances , but also the ”look” . There are more and more examples , like this young Canadian thrower : Grace (the well named) TENNANT , that we met this year in Auckland and who is the subject of this chapter . Of course . 17m in the shot put is still a bit under the international standards , but she would be already national champion in many countries  ! And why not follow the exemple of the young German  OGUNLEYE , who just threw over 20m at the last world indoor champs. Really something is going to change about the negative image of this event  !

Throwing the shot with Grace technical analysis
Throwing the shot with Grace video analysis