Sht 67 WORLD Indoor GLASGOW 2024 SHOT PUT Men final

All the throws of this competition that you were not allowed to see properly on TV . The sport commentators deciding in your place about what you have to watch. And as , for most of them , they are incompetent concerning the throwing events , they just quickly show 2 or 3 throws at the end of the programme with the usual rubbish talk and that’s it !

This being said , the Glasgow men shot put competition will not make much history. The podium spots were already secured in the final order after the first round .Ryan CROUSER (22.77m) could win and stay relatively in his comfort zone with a 70cm margin with Tom WALSH (22.07m) always a good fighter but quite far down from his PB . The Italian FABBRI (21.96m) was third and was expected to do better. The other Italian WEIR (21.85m) is a good 4th and the second NZL Jacko GILL (21.69m) was 5th . He is always there in good position in the world finals but could not get to a merited spot on a senior podium so far . Behind these it is more or less a disarray as nobody in the comp had a PB . The 2nd American STEEN was only 13th and did not even break 20m !!! and the Jamaican CAMPBELL , one of the favourites , after a recent 22m+ PB , was the first to go back to the changing rooms after producing 3 fouls !

Available documents : 1-Vid 1 Shot put M Part 1 : 1st and 2nd rounds   2-Vid 2 Shot put M Part 2 ; 3rd and 4th rounds -3 Vid 3 Shot put M part 3  5th and 6th rounds

the videos are expunged from all the dead times and show all the attempts of all the competitors

World indoor champs 2024 Men shot put rounds 1 and 2
World indoor champs 2024 Men shot put rounds 5 and 6