Sht 65 Jacko GILL 22.07m The Paris Olympic 2024 version

The new Paris Olympic 2024 version of Jacko GILL has just been presented in competition yesterday in Auckland , before jumping in a plane to compte at the coming Glasgow indoor world champs . And one must say that this new version looks bloody good. The experts (there are son many on the web) will compete to find what is new and scrutinize the smallest details . In fact there are interesting improvements as Jack is back using better his legs (He has the lowest power position among the top class throwers) , controlling better his left arm and before anything having great balance and posture during all the phases of the throw. That was hard daily work to get to this new technical achievement and we had the chance to see observe what he was doing in training .At World elite level , nearly breaking your PB in the first competition of the year is like shooting a gun to declare the war and telling the others ”Hey , don’t forget that I will be there better than ever and if you want a medal , you will have to fight for it and step on the podium over my ”dead” body !”. In fact there will be a 3 countries shot put war between the USA (CROUSER , KOVACS and ?) , ITALY (FABBRI , WEIR …and one missing) and New Zealand (WALSH – GILL) . So much that a 22m throw will probably not be enough to get a medal , just to open the door of the top 8 final at the Paris Olympic .

Available documents : 1- PDF 8 pages photo sequence analysis 22,07m throw  -2-Vid 1 Video analysis 22,07m throw   -3-Vid 2 Mobile photo sequence and slow mo 22.07m throw   -4-(on the making) Jacko GILL 6 throws serie 21-02-2024 Auckland

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GILL jacko 22.07m Photo sequence analysis
GILL Jacko 22.07m full video analysis
GILL Jacko 22.07m slow mo and mobile kino