Sht 03 Glide The Standing throw with Valerie ADAMS

The standing throw is more important in the linear technique than in the rotational . Linear shot putters usually throw around 2m under their potential distance with the glide. The standing throw performance is then interesting to know but it is not an end in itself . in fact the so called ”standing throw” is not a ”standing” throw , as it is indeed a ”one step” reactive throw , using the right leg in a spring like action to push up and forward but also in a rolling on the ball action to get the left foot into the board and create some horizontal speed as well. It is also used to work on the left side blocking and delivery . There are possible variations drills that we shall see in another chapter. The document is a video Vid1 featuring Valerie ADAMS with different angles , slow motion and freeze framing of the key points. A commented PDF has bee added .

ADAMS Valerie standing throw tech analysis
ADAMS Valerie standing throw Auckland
ADAMS Valerie Standing throw good bad