Sht 04 CROUSER – WALSH – BIRKENHEAD – WHITING – GILL Technical comparison

FIVE absolute WORLD CLASS shot putters have been meeting in Auckland beginning 2017 in the best ever competition run in New Zealand : 1-CROUSER Ryan (USA) 22,15m (See special document in blog) 2-Tom WALSH (NZL) 21,80m 3-Jacko GILL (NZL) 20,98m 4-Damien BIRKENHEAD (Aus) 20,54m 5-Ryan WHITING (USA) (20,50m). This is an exceptional and high quality 14 pages PDF document taken from 2m away from the circle . It compares the position of the throwers in starting position -Preliminary trunk swing – Left foot pivot – Right leg swing – Suspension – Right foot landing – Left foot landing – Delivery – Recovery. Obviously Ryan CROUSER has the best technique to my view and you will compare with Tom WALSH specific options. Also possible to see how Jacko GILL has lost his original technique (That Crouser is using now !) and how primitive is BIRKENHEAD Technique.. video movie analysis has been added on 26-04-2020

tech comparison Crouser Walsh Birkenhead Gill Whiting
Comparative study Crouser Walsh Birkenhead Gill Whiting