Sht 08 Rot Nadja KUMERICH another young NZL shot putter ?

New Zealand is a shot put country . Not only it has got Tom WALSH (22,90m) , Jacko GILL (21,47m) and Ryan BALLANTYNE (19,85m) in senior men , Dame Valerie ADAMS (21,24m) and Maddison WESCHE (18,22m) in senior women – 4 of them having been world senior or junior champions ! – But every year there are new names coming and if they escape the rugby recruiters, some of them may come to the top and maintain the tradition . This year 2020 , the women future looks promising with in U20 Kaia TUPU SOUTH (18y 15,12m 4k) , Jaydin BUSH (19y 14,95m 4k) and in U18 NZL/South African DE KLERK (17y 18,34m 3k), RANKIN CHITAR (16y 15,22m 3k) , HAVEA (17y 15,19m 3k) Nadja KUMERICH has not yet turned 15y but she is already pointing at 13,27m with the 3kg and by the look of the things it would not be a big surprise to see her breaking the 14m before the end of the year and much more in her 16-17 youth years. She is using the rotational technique quite well even if there are some obvious points which need to be improved , as can be seen on this video analysis of her PB throw . A PDF commented photo sequence will also be added when possible.

Kumerich Nadja 13.27m video analysis