Sht 10 rot Ryan CROUSER 2017 22.15m Auckland Tech analysis

Ryan CROUSER could not escape to become a thrower . First because he is big (2,01m -145kg) , second because of his family with father Mitch being a former 68m discus thrower , Uncle Brian a 90m javelin thrower (flying jav of course) and other members of the family throwing all sort of things all over the place ! His shot put PB is ”only” 22,90m . We say ”only” because if somebody should be likely to break the Randy BARNES ageing record , it must be him . He has not only the size and the strength but his technique is probably the best among all the American throwers as , like young Jacko GILL before , he is able to manage a great compromise between the linear and the rotational techniques and take advantage of both. His minimal suspension time and superb long delivery on double support is very different from the Tom WALSH approach . But Tom is not 2,01m and 145kg and do not play the game with the same cards ! BUT …because there is a BUT … Ryan has a problem . He is horribly SLOW and at this level of performance , it is a real coaching problem. How can he get faster ? Lose weight ? (It could be a good idea and there is room for it) , Work more on reactive strength ? (Difficult when you are so heavy !) Wait and see , the world record is still waiting !

Crouser 22.15m Video analysis