Sht 12 rot My Favourite exercises Part 2 Tom WALSH 3 drills

These are really three very interesting drills performed by Tom WALSH when he was not yet at the very top of the men shot put world. One can see what he was looking after and how he started to build some of the key points of his technique. Drill 1 is about the swing of the right leg , an adaptation of our own towel drills series (At the time Tom was looking after Jacko GILL’s version with little suspension – He has changed that for a much higher and aggressive swing now) .Drill 2 is about the control and closure of the left shoulder at right foot landing and right foot pivot . Drill 3 is quite inventive and will improve the right side reaction and lift at left foot landing , to initiate the delivery from the legs. The document is a video with multiple repetition and slow motion. Great stuff !

Tom WALSH 3 drills