Sht 13 rot Adam NELSON very ”special” technique

The American thrower Adam NELSON is really out of norms . relatively ”small” (1,83m 116kg) . He has nevertheless achieved one of the best ever throws in history with a PB at 22,51m , has been Olympic and World champion among other medals and achievements. Certainly also a favorite of the public with his aggressive behavior in competition and the way he was throwing his towel before the throw. Out of that a perfect gentleman in every day’s life. But he is also special for his rotational throwing technique when, coming into power position, he does exactly the opposite of all the other throwers , as he , instead of landing his left foot as close and as fast as possible , allows his left leg to go wide and high before planting it down (Sometimes outside of the stop board, unfortunately) . Biomechanically , it is not that stupid as it creates more trunk torque and also an additional building of momentum …at the cost of some speed slowing down with the right left landing. This is indeed quite interesting and It is surprising that no coach and no other athlete has been exploring the same idea….until somebody get bored to copy the actual champions ! Available documents : 1-Video analysis of 2 throws during Zurich big shot 2011 – 2-Photosequence from a U tube video