Sht 14 Jacko GILL 19.98m 20.01m 7kg 16y biomechanical analysis

On 23rd April 2011 , at Millenium Auckland , Jacko GILL threw the 7kg senior shot and was the first in the world to break the 20m line at this age …and this with a body weight just at 100kg. later in the year , in December , he even threw further at 20,38m. D.Poppé was coaching him at the time and it was soon obvious that Jacko’s rotational technique was different from other throwers , indeed it was an efficient combination of the rotational and linear techniques. A turn followed by a linear delivery . D.Poppé produced several documents on Jacko’s technique and guidelines of preparation which will be found in this blog

Jacko GILL 19.98m 20.01m 7kg tecxh analysis