Sht 16 Chukwuebuka ENEKWECHI 21.80m, the anti Crouser ?

Not many people know this guy , an American born Nigerian , but he is just ”INCREDIBLE” and can well be considered as the ”anti Crouser” and eventually the smallest shot putter to have thrown the 7kg shot over 21,75m. He threw last year 21,80m in Europe (our exclusive video courtesy of Pascal SCHWARTZ) ) . When compared to Ryan CROUSER (1,79m vs 2,03m – 125kg vs 145kg ), it is hard to think that only 111cm are separating these two so different athletes. So, why is Chukwuebuka throwing so far when he should not even be a shot putter !!! It shows that, before anything , the rotational shot put should be approached as a ”SPEED EVENT” , and not only as a ”STRENGTH EVENT” . Of course there is a relationship between STRENGTH and SPEED, but it is not an automatic process and the relation between Body weight – Strength – Speed -Coordination capacities – Reactive strength and Technique is far to be as simple as some believe it to be ! Both throwers seem to be at the extremes of 2 decisive factors : One is looking for SPEED , the other for RANGE . Of course range of motion does help to produce speed by longer levers , radius and acceleration path and at the end the delivery speed produced by CROUSER is certainly higher than the one achieved by Chukwuebuka , BUT , one cannot be prevented to think : what would happen if CROUSER had the speed and explosiveness of the Nigerian , or vice versa . I think that the world shot put scene is still waiting for another Brian OLDFIELD , not a throwing weight lifter or a massive giant but a ”super thrower athlete” ,, tall , fast , strong and reactive who will get the 7kg ball well over 24m . Available documents : 1-Tech4 PDF 7 pages technical analysis 21,80m Enekwechi 2019 -2-Vid1 Video analysis of the throw

ENEKWECHI 21.80 the anti Crouser Tech Analysis
ENEKWECHI 21.80m Video analysis