Ryan CROUSER is certainly the thrower whom everybody is expecting to break the Randy BARNEs world record at any moment.,,But it is like that since several years now and the concerned is , year after year, just laboriously nibbling a few cm without ”exploding” like could be expected. In fact he has some good cards in his game and especially his 2,03m morphology. But this can be at the same time an advantage and an inconvenient . The motion range does not always go well with speed , and Ryan seems to have some trouble to move his big body as fast as he would like inside the shot put circle . Even worse : as he first started with a technical concept very similar to the Jacko GILL 2011 with a close to the ground rotation and a linear delivery , he seems now to have ”Americanised” his approach , with a body weight up to 145kg and impressive thighs which incline us to think what sort of strength oriented training he has been doing with the building up of loads and maximal strength . But ”strength” is not synonymous of ”Speed” and the variation of performances in the so called classic exercises (Squat , Benh press , clean, snatch) have , once passed a certain level, little effect on the improvement of the striking power …and therefore on the throwing performances . It is very possible that Ryan will succeed to break the world record but if he is not doing better than 23,50m and even 24m , he will leave us with some regrets and a frustrated feeling . Available documents are : 1-Tech4 PDF 7 pages comparison Crouser 2020 22,91m (USA) and Crouser 2017 22,15m (Auckland) – One can see some significant changes in his technique which can be discussed . Also available : 2- Vid1 Crouser 22,91m 2020 (from U tube) and Vid2 Crouser 22,15m video analysis 2017 . Additional document added 13-08-2020 Vid3 Comparative video Crouser 22,90m and 22,91m

Crouser 2020 vs Crouser 2017
Crouser 22.15m 2017 Video analysis