Sht 18 rot The 5 ”techniques” of the rotational shot put Conference D Poppe Strasbourg 2019

Translated from French and also called ”decide your technique in the rotational shot put” . This exceptional document publishes all the content of the lecture done by Didier POPPE in the Strasbourg march 2019 coaching conference.. It is a technical and biomechanical study of the different options which are used by some of the best world throwers with 5 rather different ”techniques” :1- the ”turn-Kick-turn” most used technique inherited from the discus approach, -2- The ”Turn-Twist-Throw” specific to Adam NELSON -3- the ”Turn-Flex-Jump” illustrated by Brian OLDFIELD – 4- The ”Turn-Flex-Transfer” of young Jacko GILL which combined rotation and linear delivery , and -5- The technique of the multiple accelerations which seems to be developed by Thomas WALSH making some successful researches and compromises with the other techniques. Something to study and think about to become a reference document for those who are interested by the rotational shot put techniques development possibilities . Out of that maybe a good help for the coaches and athletes to pick what is good for them and not just try to copy the reigning champion. Available documents : 1-Tech4 A PDF study of 47 pages with multiple photo sequences , comparisons and comments -2-Vid 1 Brian OLDFIELD 22,86m World record – 3-Vid 2 Jacko GILL 2011Training throw slow motion- 4- Vid 3 Adam NELSON – 5- Vid 4 Joe KOVACS 22,86m 2015 Monaco – 6-Vid 5 Tom WALSH 2019 – -7-Vid 6 Randy BARNES 23,12m World record

Conference D Poppe Strasbourg Decide your technique