Sht 19 Valerie ADAMS technical session April 2010

Of course this document has been made in 2010 (but at the time it could not be published for fear to reveal eventual ”training secrets” ) .Anyways the document is still current considering the fact that the linear technique has not changed. It is still useful because the linear technique is still used and coached by many athletes and coaches as it may be easier for some people than the rotational. This video document shows exercises and combinations based on a specific concept about range of motion , succession of acceleration then transfer of speeds and forces into the implement. It is an approach which is not always seen in the shot put circles where still too many people look only for static positions coming from the standing throw and the consequence is an initiation putting the emphasis on the upper body actions . Not really a good start ! Available document Vid 1 Technical session with V Adams . More documents concerning Valerie ADAMS training at the time will be progressively revealed.

Valerie ADAMS Technical session 2010