Sht 20 linear Comparative study Valérie ADAMS – Ana PO UHILA – Laurence MANFREDI

Three world class athletes who have quite different characteristics but techniques finally rather similar because the linear shot put technique don’t allow many variations out of that is depending on individuals specificity. Valerie ADAMS , the greatest champion , has a rather classical approach and uses as much as possible her size and her power. One could say that she is lacking a bit of horizontal speed. Laurence MANFREDI , the French record holder ,does very good things in the beginning of the throw but spoils it in the delivery because of a major fault in the position of her feet which possibly cost her a good meter in distance . The Tongian multiple Oceania champion , Ana PO UHILA produces a rather good technique all together but has certainly been disturbed in her physical preparation by the consequence of injuries of previous activities before taking on the shot put (She could hardly do any squat or bounding !) . All these documents help to have an overview over the important points of the linear technique for those who still favor this technique . Available documents : 1-Tech4 PDF 7 pages 3 photo sequences series comparative analysis -2-Vid1 Valérie ADAMS 20,46m Video analysis -3-Vid2 Laurence MANFREDI 18,24m Video analysis -4-Vid3 Ana PO’UHILA 17,79m Video analysis

ADAMS 20.46m tech analysis
MANFREDI 18.24m Technical analysis