Sht 21 KOVACS CROUSER WALSH ROMANI Comparative study

These documents are made out of 2 videos published on the web . These videos try to get simultaneous pictures of the 4 best throwers of the last 2019 world champs in an historic competition , but it proves to be quite difficult so much these 4 throwers have different techniques and produce their accelerations at different stages of the throw …for about the same result !!!! …as they were finally separated by only 1cm for the top 3 . Enough for the coaches to scratch their heads and start arguing . Well , all the ways lead to Rome …but not many lead over 23m , a fortiori 24m , so far we can see ! Does the perfect shot put thrower exists ? (In fact , nobody is perfect). Could we make an abstract surgery and get the strength of Kovacs , the speed of Walsh , the levers of Crouser and the aggressiveness of Romani ? Can any of these throwers improve in his (relative) weak points without losing what makes him already so good or make a better and more efficient combination and better use of the forces they are able to produce ? Will they hold stubbornly on their actual concepts (And possibly risk stagnation) or try to copy the others (With the risk to sometimes copy the wrong things). Watching them since several years , we can get sometimes some indications on what they are looking for but for the moment there has been nothing really positively decisive and convincing happening both on the technical and on the conditioning sides …Wait an see ! Available documents : 1-Tech4 PDF 20 pages Commented comparison photo sequences made out of the videos -2-Vid1 Video Analysis combination of 2 videos