Sht 22 Valerie ADAMS Conditioning sessions

This video of a specific shot put conditioning session for special POWER for the trunk and the legs has not been published before. It was done in 2010 when we had to reconsider and rebuild Valerie’s conditioning philosophy toward producing more speed and reactive strength . Because of external circumstances ,we had to work a bit in a hurry for a relatively short period before the international meetings season started. Anyways it helped her to come back close to her best level , before she decided to move to Swiss with Jean Pierre EGGER , who , by the ways , is one of the people who first introduced and developed this sort of training with his protegee Werner GUNTHÖR . These sessions were quite difficult to do for Valerie who was used to the weight training approach and had obviously some weaknesses in her conditioning . With help of a great team of conditioners Matt KRITZ and Mike Mc GUIGAN and Physiotherapist Louise JOHNSON and myself as the coach , it was an interesting experience and a real challenge . We were all confident to help her to get over the 22m line sooner or later , but the circumstances decided otherwise and J.Pierre did himself a good job , as could be expected ,with Valerie finally being awarded the Gold medal of the London 2012 Olympics after her rival OSTAPSCHUK was disqualified for doping offense. Document available : 1-Vid1 Video clip of the exercises of the session

Valerie ADAMS cond session Legs trunk