Sht 24 Darlan ROMANI 22.61m technical analysis

The Brasilian shot putter Darlan ROMANI is the best ever non world medallist thrower since 2019 in Doha , where , in spite of a 22,53m performance , he was thrown out of the podium in the last round by KOVACS 22,91m and CROUSER 22,90m with WALSH losing the lead with also 22,90m. The best shot put competition ever ! Darlan who belongs to the world elite since several years has progressed regularly and relatively fast , but is still missing the international recognition in spite of his PB now at 22,61m . His morphology is more on the ”big” side with 1,88m and 140kg . His technique is quite different from his rivals and seem to be quite ”simple” , so to say. He is obviously VERY strong and rely on it with the focus to develop and use rotational forces before anything . He starts fast , has a fast right leg and great left and right pivots . But does not seem to care very much for using more leg flexion , or more range of motion , not even mentioning the typical ”rotational” delivery where the thrower is unable to use all the rotational forces to transfer them to the implement but goes away from the shot and turn his back to the throwing direction when the implement is still in the air. Anyway this seems to have worked for him so far and it will be quite interesting to see if Darlan will also stagnate like so many other ”promising” throwers in front of the 23m ”wall” ! Available Documents : 1-Tech4 PDF 9 pages commented photo sequence 22,61m throw -2-Vid1 U tube video of the 22,61m throw with slow motion.

Darlan ROMANI Technical analysis