Sht 25 Bob BERTEMES The good , the bad …and the ugly !

Only 30 male shot put throwers have reached the 22m line. Bob BERTEMES from Luxembourg is the last of them and in fact it was quite a surprise when he did it with a 1,22m progression in the year 2019 compared to his 21,00m PB in 2018.Bob BERTEMES is probably one of the most ”explosive” throwers since Brian OLDFIELD. BUT …his 2020 performances have been regressing quite seriously with only a best throw of 20,33m so far . Why ? Among other possible reasons that we don’t know , there are obviously some problems in his technique. The comparison between a 2019 throw at 21,55m and a 2020 throw at 20,33m and another fouled throw the same day in the following documents shows that something has gone wrong . Is this the result of technical choices? Which ones and why ? We don’t know. Available documents : 1-TECH1 PDF 14 pages technical analysis 3 comparative photo sequences -2-Vid1 Video analysis 21,55m throw -3-Vid2 Video analysis 20,33m throw -4-Vid3 Video analysis foul throw – Original video documents courtesy of Pascal SCHWARTZ and Lothar ALTMEYER

BERTEMES Technical Analysis