Sht 26 Glide Mike STULCE interview by Peter INGLETON

”Those were the days my friend ” where shot putters all over the world were fighting to be the stronger and consequently better , (or so they believed) . One of them was Mike STULCE , Olympic Champion in Barcelona 1992 , not the most famous of the US shot putters at the time of Randy BARNES and co , but one of the best in the world anyways. But ”those days never end ” and shot putters are still fighting to break the world record now holding since 30 years ! There has been a lot of talk and gossip among the shot put circles and fans about the methods used in different parts of the world , including the use of performance enhancing substances . But leaving aside the drugs that more or less everybody was using , it is still interesting to learn from the training philosophy of these days where the conditioning was mostly and sometimes exclusively based on the concept ”The stronger the better” using Olympic weightlifting methods or derived exercises . It is evidence that no one of the big power lifters , strong weight lifters, or ”strongest men on earth” ….have ever been able to throw anywhere further as other athletes not relying predominantly on strength …but still the ”music” of the sixties is playing in many minds and the same causes produce the same results …or lack of results !!! In this aspect Mike STULCE testimony is such a lesson ! How somebody so STRONG ( 245kg clean , 202kg snatch , 265 bench , 360 squat) has not been able to throw even over 22m ! Of all the questions that Peter INGLETON has been asking to Mike STULCE , this is the only one which has been left without the right answer ! Available documents : 1-TECH 1 PDF 31 pages Interview Peter INGLETON with Mike STULCE -2-VID 1 Weight training session Randy BARNES Mike STULCE -3-VD2 Mike STULCE Olympic champion Barcelona1992. -4-Vid 3 Mike STULCE throwing at University Rutger clinic 1992 …. (Vid2 and Vid3 Courtesy of Gerlof Holkema.)

Mike STULCE interview