Sht 27 Jacko GILL technique 2020 Learning from the past ?

Athletes are always searching to improve themselves, but sometimes, especially when they are changing coaches who have different approaches on technique and conditioning , it can become a problem because changing means first ”destroying” before eventually rebuilding something better . In Jacko’s case , he changed 4 times coach after starting his career with his father. To have been one of these coaches with the main objective to get him into the rotational technique and finally finding a completely original technical compromise between the linear and the rotational technique , getting the best out of the two , I am still asking myself if the technical changes he made after, trying to copy some world class throwers were appropriate and have really been successful. These changes were also combined with dramatic changes in the conditioning approach and philosophy and not less dramatic changes in the morphology. There is a long way between the relatively frail 14 years old who did not really ”look” like a shot putter but was ”UNIQUE”…and the actual ”big boy” not much different from the other hypertrophied fellows we can see in the shot put circles. The following documents made out of recent training throws all landing in the 20,75 to 21,30m zone will illustrate this story better than any talk. Available documents : 1-Tech 1 PDF 17 pages with several photo sequences , comments and comparisons -2-Vid 1 Video combination of 4 throws from different angles with slow motion and freeze framing.

Jacko GILL 2020 Technical comparison
Jacko GILL 2020 training throws