Sht 28 Josie SCHAEFER Technical model ?

This is the first good surprise of the 2021 year . This young unknown American girl , comes virtually from nowhere (In fact she comes out of the Wisconsin university !) and throw 18,09m rotational with a near perfect technique !!! Nothing exceptional would you say , but look at how she throws and you will understand my coach’s excitement. This is simply the best female rotational shot putter I have ever seen . She is certainly (to my eyes) much better that some of the big boys who are starring on the international shot put scene. She has a good morphology (1,83m – 84kg) but is certainly not a super woman . Obviously she does not seem to be too much weight-lifting-body-builded oriented. After Valarie ALLMAN in the discus , we have here another example that there is good throws coaching in the United States ….And this is quite comforting for the future of the throwing events . So we shall follow this girl , try to know about her and how she trains and how her coach expects to get her to do further progresses. So far they have done a GREAT job , hopefully they will not spoil it , like too many before them , with the mirage of the extreme maximal strength and hypertrophy oriented conditioning. Available documents : 1-Tech 1 PDF 5 pages technical analysis photo sequences of the 18,09m throw + 2 training throws (Courtesy of Pascal Schwartz) – 2- Vid 1 (Courtesy of Madison throws club ) video of the 18,09m

SCHAEFER Commented photo sequences