Sht 29 Jacko GILL 3 training throws analysis

Jacko GILL is certainly one of the most controversial figures of the international shot put scene since his ”debuts” in 2010 when he won the World junior championship in Moncton. Since then he has consistently been one of the best and most consistent shot put throwers at all international championships and has a PB of (only) 21,47m. This can seem a bit of a deception for some of his fans who had some rights to believe that after the youth world record and after the U20 world record at 23m , Jacko would go for the seniors world record of Randy BARNES. In fact it did not happen (…so far…) for a few reasons that can be discussed somewhere else. Anyways , the fact is that Jacko is still there and even back in the race to the very top . His early season throw of 21,33m (only 14cm) was certainly not a perfect throw technically and this is a good new which contains the perspective of moving forward again. In fact Jacko has changed some technical points (again) even coming back a bit of some early times orientations. I would not be surprised now that he could be the next 22m club member . Further… why not, but this may be another story. The following excellent quality documents are exclusive to . Available documents : 1- Tech 1 PDF 13 pages with phosequences commented analysis of three throws of this competition (21,33m – A fouled over 21m throw – 20,63m) -Vid 1 a 3 minutes video analysis of these three throws including slow motions and freeze framing. -Vid 2 : promotion video for Facebook with extracts of PDF and movie main documents

Jacko GILL 3 throws technical analysis
Jacko GILL 3 throws video analysis