Sht 30 Ryan CROUSER : Progression or not progression ?

Ryan CROUSER has recently broken the indoor shot put world record . Great ! Ryan is a great athlete and certainly one of the very best ever in this event , but athletics is a sport of exactness where you can compare what is really comparable and where numbers don’t lie. In fact Ryan did break the indoor record …and did not even break his PB . This set the question : ”Why do we have an indoor world record in the shot put when this event is the less likely to be affected by favourable wind conditions ???” Is that really for him an improvement ? Nearly everybody (including me ) in the shot put world, do believe that he should break the world record , the real one , 23,12m by Randy BARNES ! Yes he should as he is probably already the world record holder of the number of ”big” throws ….but we are still waiting ! Of course the higher the performance level and the more difficult it is to progress. But with Ryan CROUSER , there are some reasons to be skeptical So the question is : ”Is he really ”Progressing” ? Progressing is the result of 3 things : 1-Technical improvements 2-Physical conditioning and improvement 3-External and other factors (Mental , technology , rules etc…) Using these documents analysis and a lot of other documents we shall try to establish FACTS . Available document : 1-Tech 1 PDF 8 pages photo sequences analysis of 21,82m indoor World record – 2-Vid 1 Videos analysis of 2 views from the throw – 3-Vid 2 Video analysis from Dane MILLER (Throws university)

Crouser 22.82m progression or not progression
CROUSER 22.82m Video analysis