Sht 31 Etienne ROUSSEAU Shot put or discus difficult choice

Etienne ROUSSEAU , is a young Australian shot put / discus thrower (18 years , born 2003) . Out of having a French name and recently moving from South Africa to Australia , he is one of the best young throwers of the country .The problem is that when you have Pbs in the shot at 18,76m (5kg) 15,97m (6kg) but also in the discus at 58,69m (1,5kg) and 53,00m (1,75kg) and that the techniques to throw these implements are 90% the same , there is a moment where you will have to make a choice as at some extend , these two events require a different morphology , different levels of strength , speed and coordination. So WHAT TO CHOOSE ? WHAT AM I TO BE THE BEST AT ? This ”PART 1” document will show the shot put side , a ”PART 2” discus will follow ! Available documents: 1-Tech 1 PDF 10 pages Analysis of a PB throw at 15,97m (6kg) -2-Vid 1 : Video analysis of the same throw with freeze framing , slow motion (Original document from M. Rousseau) – Vid 2 : 18,07m 5kg Side view 01-11-2020

Etienne ROUSSEAU 15.97m 6kg Video analysis