Sht 33 COACHING the glide technique with images

Coaches have to talk to their athletes, but it is not always that easy. You may think that you have explained an idea very clearly, but for some reason, the athlete has not understood and gets it wrong. So, like in many other situations: A GOOD IMAGE IS BETTER THAN A LONG EXPLANATION . An image can often ‘talk’ to the athlete better than the coach if it is well chosen. Nearly all coaches have their own ‘talking images’. Here are some which have proved to be quite effective. Some I have found myself but, more often, have ‘stolen’ from other coaches! The following set of images like ”Squeeze in a box”, ”Start rock and roll” , ”become a rubber band” etc…will certainly help the athlete better . the art of coaching is also to be able to make things look simple and easy !

Coaching the shot put with images glide