Sht 35 Comparison Jacko GILL vs Etienne ROUSSEAU

When you compare the technique of a ”beginner” , (even an ”advanced” beginner) to the technique of a top world class athlete , you have to take care to make the difference between what is really IMPORTANT in the technique and what belongs to individual ”adaptations” or sometimes ”details” which may be important for the ELITE athlete but may be confusing for somebody with less experience tempted to ”copy” anything without thinking if this is good for him or not. Building somebody’s technique takes time and should be an original process (Not a simple copy) with parts ”borrowed” here and there and rearranged to fit together and to fit with the specificity of the young athlete. In our case , Jacko GILL , 145kg , PB 21,52m , 27 years with near 15 years career and experience , with big strength tests in heavy weights , is as different as it could be from our young athlete Etienne ROUSSEAU , 90kg , PB 7kg 15,03m and only 18 years of age and just starting a serious athletic conditioning. So, no surprise if there are differences in the technical approach of their throws and surprise when the more experienced is not always the best in some areas or has lost his initial technique because of important morphology changes. The first question for the coach and the athlete will be : What can I pick from this guy which could be good for me ? …But the right attitude would be to try to ”understand” the bio mechanical choices behind the technique and be able to make my own choice because , there not only one way leading to Rome and not only one way to throw the shot ! Available documents : 1-Tech 1 PDF 5 pages Technical comparison J.GILL vs E.ROUSSEAU (sample for visitors) -2-Tech 2 lev 4 PDF 10 pages Technical comparison J.GILL vs E.ROUSSEAU (Full document for members) -3-Vid 1 Video Analysis Jacko GILL 21m+ throws 18-06-2021 Auckland -4-Vid 2 Video analysis Etienne ROUSSEAU training throws 19-06-2021 Perth

GILL vs ROUSSEAU technical comparison
Jacko GILL Competition serie 21m +
Etienne ROUSSEAU training June 2021 Video analysis