Sht 36 Ryan CROUSER 23.37m WORLD RECORD Documents

If something was ”expected” it was the falling of Randy BARNES 23,12m shot put world record. There were several possible candidates but the more menacing was without doubt Ryan CROUSER who was throwing consistently toward to 23m line. The US Olympic trials in Eugene were a good opportunity and CROUSER did not miss it with the big throw coming finally and measured at 23,37m. It was typical Ryan CROUSER technique , slow , but with great postures , long range of motion and a solid linear-like delivery. So everybody was happy and celebrating but after looking at the videos , some people were voicing a concern . As it is well known that Ryan has his own ideas about the last rule laid down but the curious ”experts” of World Athletics allowing the throwers to ”brush” or touch non intentionally the circle rim during their throw. It is supposed not to be used as ”support” or ”impulse” …but in fact it depends on the mood of the day of the judges ! So it is obvious that there is something wrong in the way Crouser is pivoting , touching the ground , stopping and restarting in another direction and this puts a cloud over the performance. Not that Ryan does not deserve to be the world record holder , but we would like a world record to be 100% without suspicion. Anyways CROUSER does a lot of good things in his throwing technique and is clearly different from the opposition whose idea is to be as strong and big as possible and turn as fast as possible. Crouser is more on the technical side with the objective to transfer as much of the energy he is producing into the shot using a good blocking delivery for the purpose. And this fits perfectly with our own bio mechanical and technical choices ! The following documents have been made out of 4 différent videos of the throw published on the web . Available documents : 1-PDF 5 pages Crouser 23,37m technical study (visitors ) -2- PDF 8 Pages Crouser technical analysis (visitors) -3-Tech 3 PDF 15 pages Crouser 23, -4 video analysis to come

Crouser 23.37m technical analysis