Sht 40 Zane WEIR 21.41m technical analysis

To the question : Who has been the best male shot putter at the last OG in Tokyo ? Everybody will probably answer Ryan CROUSER who did confirm his status of world record holder by throwing 23.30m , 2nd best ever throw very close to the record. And from that point of view , everybody will be right . But if one takes a bit of perspective and take account of other factors than the pure performance , then , well , for me it will be without hesitation Zane WEIR . The Italo South African finished 5th of the competition with 21.41m when he was not even mentioned as one of the possible outsiders . 5th but in fact FIRST of the non hyperbodybuilded throwers whose body masses are progressing faster than their performances . With only 110kg body weight , Zane WEIR looks like a whippersnapper in this world of ”big boys” . It’s even a more cause of concern so far we know about his test performances in the so praised maximal strength : only 3 reps at 160kg in the bench press ! How is that possible when most of these boys are juggling with some 250kg bars ! Meanwhile as a first ”explanation” , he also has an evident faultless , fluid and efficient technique. So seen from an outside view , there is no doubt , he IS the best shot putter , the one with the best efficiency and the best rate between Mass/Strength and Performance. Now the question is about his future , to know if this guy ”out of norms” will still progress and eventually break the 22m and more ? Then , if yes , HOW WILL HE ACHIEVE THAT ? Will he sacrifices to the myth of the maximal force escalation or stay on the path of speed development ? A question that must ask himself his coach , DAL SOGLIO whose name is not unknown in the rotational shot put history and who has already achieved there ,through a third party , a bloody remarkable performance ! Available documents :PDF 9 pages Technical analysis with photo sequence – technical comments – key points Zane WEIR 21.41mm Tokyo – 2- Zane Weir 21.41m Tokyo video analysis with slow motions – Freeze framing key points. -3- Vid 2 Young Zane WEIR 2016 video .

Zane WEIR 21.41m technical analysis
Zane WEIR 21.41m Technical video analysis