Sht 41 Comparison Zane WEIR vs Etienne ROUSSEAU

Comparing yourself to a champion is one of the most common way for beginners or developing athletes to try to find their ”mistakes” or the eventual ”secrets” of the best athletes in the world. BUT , before copying anybody , you should make sure about several things : 1-Know and understand why the champion does this or that   2-know about his evolution and progression  3-Make sure that he is the right model for you and that you have similar morphologies and characteristics 4-Don’t try to copy ”everybody” at the same time  5-Make sure that the technical point you want to change or imitate , will fit with the rest of your technique and not bring more confusion 5-Expect ”adaptation time” and not immediate miraculous results !
Vid 1 Video comparative analysis Zane WEIR 21,25m Etienne ROUSSEAU training throw -Slow mot – Freeze framing – Parallel videos –  PDF technical Analysis Rousseau 16.91m

Rousseau 16.91m technical analysis
Rousseau vs WEIR Video comparison