Sht 44 My favourite conditioning exercises 3-The legs

A compilation of legs exercises at random covering most of the aspects of the legs’s training . Of course not an exhaustive list as there are (possibly) hundreds of exercises and variations . Most people still think that legs training is just squat , squat and squat !!! Sometimes they even deign to consider bounding and plyometrics combinations , but they forget that most ”legs” exercises require correct ”postures” without what they could become a good source for injuries. And when you need correct postures , you need a sufficient core strength preparation. Also some ”minor” muscular groups (Adductors, abductors , stabilisation systems ) are often neglected as their training is not as ”spectacular” as to get a big PB in squat . But if these group are neglected , they will remind you about their existence with some really incapacitating injuries. Coaches often say that throwers should throw with their legs more than with their arms , it is certainly true …But the legs must be prepared for the job they will have to do , not to be some sort of ” jack” weight lifter legs !!! : Available documents : 1- Vid 1 The legs 1st part -2-Vid 2 The legs 2nd part -3-Vid 3 The legs 3rd part -4- Vid 4 The legs 4th part

Shot put conditioning The legs part 1
Shot put conditioning The legs part 2
Shot put conditioning The legs part 3
Shot put conditioning The legs part 4