Sht 45 Brian OLDFIELD special

Brian OLDFIELD is probably the best athlete who has ever entered into a shot put circle to throw the shot . At 125kg body weight and 1.95cm , he was inot a ”monster” .but a rather good looking athlete who could have performed in many sports . In fact he was first a decent ”glider” then moved to the rotational technique . in 1975 , he achieved one of the most extraordinary performance in the shot put history by throwing 22.86m , breaking Al FEUERBACK world record (21.82m) by more than 1m , the biggest improvement margin ever . Unfortunately , it only counted as a ”professional” record . But the performance was not beaten until 1987 where the Italian Alessandro ANDREI managed 22.91m with the glide technique. it is a SHAME that Brian OLFIELD Performance has not since been reinstated a a true world record it was ! OLDFIELD was not only a rotational technique pioneer but in fact he got it all right with the advantages of the new technique for explosive and fast throwers . So far I am concerned I still consider his technique to be the best compromise between rotation and translation and it was our model when training young Jacko GILL. I still believe that now that the rotational technique has near completely supplanted the glide , that the contemporary champions have ”forgotten” the lesson from OLDFIELD technique in their quest for strength and body mass and they are hardly throwing 50cm further , (at least for one of them only !). Therefore Brian OLDFIELD still deserves to my eyes , the title of ”best rotational shot putter ever . In the available documents we shall gather videos and information about this unique thrower and character. Available documents : 1- Tech 1 Photo sequence (More to come) -2- Tech 2 PDF 6 pages Brian Oldfield and the ”Turn – Flex – Jump” technique Analysis -3-Vid 1 Brian OLDFIELD 22.86m World record …

Brian OLDFIELD Turn Flex Jump technique
OLDFIELD commented photo sequence