Sht 47 Karmen and the full blocking delivery

Young (13 years) Karmen Elizabeth MARITZ is training more as a discus thrower and really does very little technical work on the shot put . BUT , it is obvious that there is a positive transfer between the 2 events if you are able to manage some differences in the 2nd part of the throw and the delivery. So not so surprisingly Karmen has recently improved her shot put 3kg PB (11.85m) , to much considerable distances with successively 12.99m , 13,15m and 13.51m. But the more interesting in this experience is that she is trying to use a full blocking delivery in the shot , like she does with the discus . This is not as simple as it may seem on the paper. Of course you can stop the rotation with a good blocking left side , but the shot being heavier and also carried close to the rotational axis in the delivery , it is quite difficult to control the rotational momentum of the shot and in the same time try to apply a lot more lifting forces than is done for the discus which is a full ”slamming”event. The ”usual” solution so far with the rotational shot put is to finish with a ”jumping reverse” delivery . This is , unfortunately, more often degenerating into a ”rotational” delivery with people pulling away actively and believing this will accelerate the final rotation and get into the shot. (Which is mostly NOT the case as going AWAY is certainly not a way to transfer forces !) . Some years ago , Jacko GILL did rise some controversy in the shot put world by succeeding to combine a rotational technique with a linear delivery (Something that many people were not believing to be possible with a 7kg shot) and it WORKED ! Now , after the biomechanic laws , a full block would also mean a FULL TRANSFERT of forces , so , on the paper and in theory , it is far to be a stupidity . Of course , doing it technically and efficiently with a human body maybe another story . Many people think it is impossible … I have already heard this story !!! and I think IT IS possible . Available documents : 1-PDF 5 pages technical analysis photo sequence 13.08m 13.51m throws -2 Vid 1 Video analysis of the 13.08m and 13,51m from side and from behind with slow motion and commented still pictures.

Karmen MARITZ and the full blocking technique Analysis
Karmen MARITZ and the blocking delivery