Sht 48 Training using right foot pivot throws

The exercise consisting to throw from a frontal starting position , right foot forward at the centre of the circle before pivoting , landing into the power position and throw , is one of the classic exercises for the rotational shot put and discus . Many throwers don’t like it too much or don’t do it properly . In fact this is one of the most efficient and significative drill . It is an intermediary stage between the standing throw and the side start or full throw. It does force the thrower to pivot ”actively” on the right foot ball by pressing on the right knee and maintaining its head over this pivoting point to prevent an early up rising or forward motion of the upper body. It also forces the thrower to ”wait” and keep facing backward with the shoulder’s line when opening the left knee to ”plant” down the left foot. All this will create a lot of trunk torque . There are several exercises variations to help the athlete  ”feel” these different points . here are some of them.

Shot Right foot pivot Analysis
Shot Walk pivot throw Jacko GILL
Shot Right foot pivot with head control