Sht 49 Jacko GILL 21.58m PB ”Back to the roots ?” technical Analysis

We are following Jacko GILL since the very beginning of his career in 2008. First as a coach (2008-2012) in some ”glorious years (Champion and world record holder U18 and U20 etc..) Then as a special supporter and observer when , in search of excellency and perfection , he decided to listen to other voices , make other experiences and believe in other ”truths”. Indeed , one must admit now that these different options and continuous changes did not bring the expected results and his progression (if any) became extremely slow. with a number of frustrations and injuries. Of course , he did win a spot among the Elite world throwers , making it at the World champs and OG finals , but he finally did not play the first roles like his countryman Tom WALSH and did not achieve the performances we could expect for him. In fact fact he was not anymore ”Jacko GILL” but just another shot put thrower. A copy instead of an original ! The last TOKYO 2020 were quite significant when he threw badly and did not make it to the top 8 . It was obvious that another change was needed . And this time Jacko has somehow come back to the roots being now coached by Dad Walter and Mum Nerida , both former good throwers themselves. They came back to more simple and efficient concepts especially about the matter to transfer the rotational forces into translations forces transferable to the implement. Out of that 10kg body weight loss (He was once up to 140kg !) certainly helped him to regain some speed and explosiveness , from the time he had broken the 20m mark with 7kg at a body weight just under 100kg ! And now he is back to claim another PB with 21.58m . 3cm more may not be much but it is a good omen before the Eugene champs . Accidental lucky throw ? No ! As you will see in these documents , Jacko GILL is throwing

Jacko GILL 21.58m tech analysis
Jacko GILL 21.58m Video analysis