Sht 56 European indoor championships Istambul 2023 Men final

Shot put , more shot put and only shot put in this document re furbished from the TV coverage. Without more or less stupid comment from the media people , without medals ceremony break , without officials ballet , without interfering of other events , without people dressing up or undressing , without advertising etc… And a great shot put competition with the brilliant come back of Zane WEIR , the winner and first time over 22m , but also Thomas STANEK 2nd with a 21.90m season best and , the good surprise of the day from Ukraine with Roman KOKOSHKO throwing a new national record at 21.84m. We are lucky that for once the coverage was of good quality concerning the position of the cameras . It will certainly help the ”experts” or the shot put fans to scrutate the technique of some of the very best throwers in the world , compared to their American rivals .  It is clear now that the world standards are rising with more and more throwers in the 21.80m + range and potentially able to throw over 22m anytime . Probably not enough yet for any world or Olympic medal !!!  As can be seen elsewhere in this web site , Zane WEIR is one of my favourite throwers of the moment . He does not look as hypertrophied as so many other competitors and I just like his technical options. Is thisthe result of some different conditioning , I certainly would like to know more about this guy and I am probably not the only one ! Document available : Video 15 minutes with all the throws of all the throwers of the competition.

Istambul 2023 European indoor champs Shot put men final