Sht 57 Euro indoor Istambul 2023 Women final Auriol DONGMO Champion

The least one can say is that this European final will not leave an enduring memory , out of for the winner Auriol DONGMO who has found herself a much better technique than what she had shown last years where she was unable to finish a throw properly. Portugal nearly made it for a second spot on the podium with another athlete, Jessica INSCHUDE , nearly a carbon copy of DONGMO , who finished 4th , missing the podium by only 9cm after the Swedish Fanny ROOS had a last round burst to take the bronze. .  Notice that out of these 4 first placed , 3 are still using the glide technique . This could be something to think about !  All over , it is rather obvious that there is a stagnation  in performances in this event , if not a recession , where the europeans have not progressed since their last encounter with the American and Chinese heavy artillery. But Is that just a matter of morphology , when concerning the men shot put , there is a much more solid situation.

Istambul Euro indoor 2023 Women shot put final