Sht 58 Jacko GILL 22.12m

Jacko GILL has been now the 32th thrower in the world to break this symbolic line . The first one being the Russian Alexandr BARYSHNIKOV  with just 22.00m in Paris in 1976 …47 years ago ! 15 of them were American !

It is a break through in Jack GILL career which started in 2008 . 15 years ago !

This career had highs and lows after an exceptional start in the U18 and U20 age groups where he was multiple world champion and world record holder. Since then,  although he was consistently present in the top ten of the World champs and Olympics , people were still expecting better from him and asking questions on what was going on with him and thinking that we had seen it all from it.

But Jacko is STILL EXCEPTIONAL and this new,  so long waited for PB over 22m could well be the signal for another brilliant period in perspective of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games .

Available documents : 1-Jacko GILL 22,12m original video slow mo  2-Jacko GILL 22.12m Photo sequence analysis PDF 10 pages 3-Jacko GILL comparative analysis 2021-2023  PDF 12 pages 4-Jacko GILL 5th attempt 20.89m throw from side

Jacko GILL 22.12m commented photo sequence
Jacko GILL 2021-2023 Comparison
Jacko GILL 22.12m Original video slow mo
Jacko GILL 20.89m 4th attempt side view