Sht 59 Jacko GILL vs Tom WALSH

Some more exclusive and original documents to help compare the technique of these 22m+ throwers. These 2 athletes have changed through the years and are doing quite different things from what they were at the beginning of their careers some 15 years ago. Some changes have been positive , some not… Unfortunately it is impossible to know that before trying ! Between the personal search for improvement and copying what the others are doing (believing that they must do better if they throw further), it is difficult to find the right way , when assuming there is only ONE right way at all !  !

In the actual situation , one will discover that Tom WALSH is now faster and finishes his throws better than Jacko GILL , when it was exactly the opposite some years ago . Jacko , for its part has improved building his body tensions . The battle is also about the evolution of their body mass and maximal strength . Both have been looking for more . Tom has clearly increased his mass in the last years , when Jacko has gone down recently (Minus 10kg , this does help) and , because of several injuries , cannot anymore train with the super heavy loads as he loved to do and he had to drop down the weights …..And now he is throwing further again when Tom has been relatively stagnating,  if not regressing , since his 2019 22.90m PB .  All these facts should encourage to do some thinking and comments , no ? …when waiting for the continuation of the story …

GILL vs WALSH Waitakere technical comparison
GILL vs WALSH Simultaneous video Waitakere