Sht 60 Ryan CROUSER 23.56m World record

There is always a moment where an athlete reaches ”perfection” , until another athletes comes and set new standards . This new world record by Ryan CROUSER will certainly generate this sort of comments (”Monster” throw , ”out of norms” , perfection etc…etc…) . In fact it is the result of a long term progressive building , trying this , trying that , until everything works together and , more important , until the different technical options fit not only together but with the specificity of this individual  thrower , physically and mentally . Through different chapters in this web site , it is possible to follow the journey accomplished by this thrower. It was certainly not always easy as the quest for personal ”perfection” and improvement sometimes lead to false trails but the result (Hopefully not the end result as we can expect even bigger throws !) is really great.

In this technical analysis we shall try to show why is Ryan CROUSER throwing further and better than what he was doing some years ago . Yes , he may be stronger as well , but we believe that the technical options focused on the search of RANGE OF MOTION in the key phases of the throw fit perfectly well together and are more than likely responsible of these big throws.

Available documents : 1-Original video World athletics  2-Original video throw big throw far  3-Technical analysis PDF 13 pages …still to come  video analysis

Note : the first announcement of the record was 23.58m (as on the video) . it seems it has been reduced to 23.56m after controls. Whatever , this does not change anything in our performance analysis.

CROUSER 23.56m technical analysis
CROUSER 23.56m original video throw big throw far
CROUSER 23.56m Technical video analysis